Shubhajit Paul
  • Name : Shubhajit Paul
  • Designation : ChaosGroup V-ray Licensed Trainer
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  • Address :1st Floor, New Front Building, Bhajan Complex, 139, BT Road, Kolkata-108 (Near Dunlop Xing)

Shubhajit Paul

About Me

Hey, my name is Shubhajit Paul and I love cars. I like to travel to far off places and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I studied Bachelor of Arts in 3D Animation & Visual Effects, where I specialized in 3D Modeling. I planned on working as a Lighting Artist when I was first introduced to V-Ray, which changed my life’s direction. I joined ‘ASV’ to know more about V-Ray where i found my mentor cum guide as Iraban Dutta.

Now am a ‘V-Ray Licensed Trainer’ myself and sharing my experience and expertise with students of ‘ASV’.

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