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  • Designation : ChaosGroup V-ray Licensed Trainer
  • Email : iraban@advancedschoolofvray.com
  • Web :advancedschoolofvray.com
  • Address :1st Floor, New Front Building, Bhajan Complex, 139, BT Road, Kolkata-108 (Near Dunlop Xing)

CEO & Founder of Advanced School of V-ray | ChaosGroup V-ray Licensed Trainer

About Me

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself to you all. I am Iraban Dutta. I started my career as a 3D Visualizer on 2010. At first I used to work as a freelance artist, later was associated with a few companies and production houses as a 3D Visualizer. I’ve been a Senior Lighting Artist and a Team Lead for the last days of my job in architectural visualization field. Since then I decided to work as a professional V-ray Trainer in India. I’ve started my studies in the 3D field on 2007. I got an international award for computer graphics lighting in the year 2011. It’s funny, as in the beginning I never really had any plan on being a lighting artist! But when I started to work with lighting it became very easy to understand and gradually I was able to conceptualize myself, lighting is all about calculations and feeling the atmosphere of a scene. On my journey I came across V-ray in 2011. It impressed me so much, as no other software before ever made this much of a difference to my work. Working with V-ray became very interesting for me. I frantically started working to develop my outputs using V-ray but somehow I saw a huge difference between my works and those of a pro artist. I tried almost everything but couldn’t get that realistic feel in my render outputs. With continuous tenure and enthusiasm to learn, I finally managed to develop a workflow which is simple to apply but also helps you to achieve the kind of output you have always craved for. My conception of working with V-ray changed a lot after that.ln 2013 I decided to join CG World (Las Vegas, USA) and become CG Certified V-ray artist & in 2016 finally achieved my long awaited aspiration of becoming a V-Ray Licensed Trainer certified by Chaos Group (Sofia, Bulgaria).Presently, I have my own v-ray training institute “Advanced School of V-ray” and am proud to announce that it is the first CGATC in India. So friends this is the story of my journey of V-ray till date but the dream is still continuing….

If you visit Chaos Group official Facebook page, you will find this snap of my left hand with a V-ray tattoo on their wall. PC: David Imanov, who is the Territory Channel Manager of Chaos Group, Bulgaria.Let’s share a funny incident. When i meet Gianpiero “Peo” Monopoli in Italy, he noticed the V-ray logo as a tattoo on my hand and he was pleasantly surprised. He said “Oh man, r u crazy? I have never before seen V-ray logo as a tattoo” and my answer was “Yes i am crazy about V-ray”. Roberto “Cepp” De Rose also asked me the same question and my answer was as usual.

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