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‘Advanced School of V-Ray’ or ASV (which is lovingly known to us and our student) began its journey in the year 2014 with the dream of its founder, Iraban Dutta, who has been recognized as a talented CG artist and a renowned V-Ray Licensed Trainers (VLT) in India. His work has won him fame and respect in his field. His motto was to build up a pool of new talents in the field of architectural visualization and inspire younger generations to build their careers in this sector.

But finding new brains was not an easy task and to make it even more arduous, online training videos and scripts which boasts of perfect render settings for picture-perfect outputs, provided an easy option for students trying to master the craft. Eventually these videos/scripts lead them no-where, resulting in increasing frustration and might stagnate one’s career.

“Professionally I believe there is no existence of so called perfect render settings!” says Iraban. “Photo-realistic render is your own basic skills, render settings cannot change your output. It totally depends on your material, light, camera setup & most important thing is know how to use V-ray in a logical sense.”

So to help out these students, Iraban and a couple more trainers, Moumita Dutta and Shubhajit Paul joined hands to share their expertise on architectural visualization, to impart architectural knowledge to the students, which they needed to improve their portfolios and land their dream jobs.

In the year 2016, ASV became the 1st Chaos|Group Authorized Training and Certification Center in India and since then as our fame spread, training requests flooded in. Today it offers a range of courses to an array of students.

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