How to become a Pro artist ?

Title: About Render Setup

Author : Mr. Iraban Dutta (Instructor of Advanced School of V-ray)

Everyone wishes to become a pro V-ray artist, but it’s not easy to find the right way to become one. You will find various kind of articles about V-ray on internet but they will describe different kinds of processes of workflow with V-ray. What you need is to have an insight of V-ray to know how it works.

I will try to help you to understand what is the difference between you and a pro artist.

How to become a pro render artist:-  

Every pro render artists have their own workflow and they are masters of their workflow. They follow a systematized plan to get their work done in an optimized way. Pro artists use an universal rule which helps them to complete their work in a short amount of time. For example if I ask you to draw one of your friend’s face portrait, you’ll try to remember first how your friend looks like. Am I right ? Then you’ll try to draw your friend’s face recalling your memory (If you don’t have any reference of that person). When you’ll complete your drawing you will see that it looks very different than how your friend actually looks, you missed many minor details of that person’s face in your drawing. This wouldn’t had happened if you had a reference picture to follow. With a reference picture in front of you, the chances are less that you’ll get out of your track, or else your work can get messed up or exaggerated. At the end of the day your output may seem something totally different that what you wanted it to be.

So you see it’s all about references. The same rule applies for making materials and post work. Next time when you start working on a new project try to find perfect references first, as it’ll make your work more organised. Every pro artist collects proper references before they start working on a scene.

Steps which are followed by every pro artist (It’s a universal rule)

  1. Always try to find perfect reference for your model.
  2. Make clay render.
  3. Making materials (try to find your materials references)
  4. Final render.
  5. Post work with render element.

Some pro artists like to work with 32 bit images and some with 16 bit. Every pro V-ray artist of the world uses these universal rules in their workflow.

Hope this was helpful to you.

Wish you happy rendering.

See you soon ????

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