About Professional V-ray Render Setup

Throughout my career, I’ve met many people who often asked me about the best V-ray render setup or render settings for photo-realistic outputs!

I think every one have spent loads of time to search a proper V-ray render settings on the internet. Are you one of them? Did it really help you to get your desired output simply by putting the setups in V-ray?

I think the answer is a big no!

Why ?

Actually, I don’t think any of those random render setups can help you change your output. When you are totally confused with all those V-ray render setups you found on internet and you don’t have any clue which one will be best for your scene and which one won’t work at all. You’ll end up wasting much of your valuable time applying each one of them and won’t ever achieve your desired output too. Many problems occur when you try to work with render setups that are provided on the internet, sometimes the scene is too dark or sometimes it’s washed out. It’s because of the uses of gamma values and the method of the workflow.

There’s a secret I am going to share with you. Your render output doesn’t entirely depend on render setups only but also on your skills of lighting, shading and your modeling. These are very important factors. If you’ve done all those things correctly only then you can achieve a photo-realistic render output; and with the right render setup, render time can decrease a lot too. But you have to follow the rules followed by every pro artists.

I know every one has their own theory or method but believe me these theories I’m talking about are used by best V-ray artists all over the world. If you learn to apply these theories efficiently in your work only then you’ll achieve the pro rendering skills.

This universal render setup will help you a lot in your work, it will reduce noise in your scene, remove your jagged edges and many more things. You’ll be able to differentiate the render quality between your previously render images and present ones very easily. I’m sure you’ll be totally amazed by it!

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